We appreciate your prayers for Rachel and our family. She remains in the PCCU at Mac. To clarify, this is the intensive care unit for children. She remains intubated and sedated - and has been that way since last Thursday. The sedation is primarily given to keep her relaxed given the tube in her throat.

What we suspect happened was that her body reacted to the sedation process for her MRI. In addition to the bronchial spasms, she may have had some bacteria in her upper airways (typical for both her and Janneke), and with the intubation, the bacteria was likely pushed down lower into her lungs. The staff are treating her for pneumonia, among other things.

Apparently, this is not common - but it does happen. What is frustrating is the time factor. Rachel needs a lot of time to heal. She continues to rely on pressure support for her lungs (which makes sense if her lungs are infected) and some oxygen for breathing. When she can have a quiet and stable 24 hours where they can slowly wean her off the lung support and O2, then they will consider extubating. What has complicated matters is that she has developed fevers on and off (even though she is on an antibiotic) and she has required more O2.

There have been other concerns, but this is the update for tonight. We appreciate your kind words and prayers. These have been long days for our family. Both Em and Soph miss Rachel a lot; they have not seen Rachel since before all this happened.

We are unsure as to when the family can all be home again. The staff have said this may take quite a bit of time.

For the time being, I am at Mac during the day for a couple of hours, and Ralph leaves after supper. There is not a lot we can do, but it is important that we see her (and connect with the staff).

Time will tell. God knows.