cardboard boxes

It's the end of another Monday. The day started with a great FIFA soccer game (hup, Holland, hup) bright and early, and it helped that half-time came at the moment when Emily and Sophia had to leave for school. They could not be dragged from the screen otherwise - daughters of their father!

Life in the Pot house has been somewhat settled, and that is good. We would love for both Rachel and Janneke to sleep through the night, but that has not happened - well, for a long time.

Regardless of the sleep issues, we are so thankful for the slow but progressing healing for Rachel. We have been doing what we can to remind her of things she loves, trying to trigger her smiles and other familiar responses.

We have found that her smiles come quickly when we play Robert Munsch (Canadian story-teller with a very expressive voice). She still seems easily overwhelmed, so we have tried to keep life simple. We are optimistic her regression is temporary.

I took her for a 5K run this afternoon -her first since the PCCU visit. I was not sure how she would handle this. Normally, she leans forward, waves her arms and feet and babbles most of the way. Today, she kept her hands close to her mouth, her way of remaining secure, and she did not move her body. Yet, at the end of the run, I heard a "mmm" sound and stopped to look at her. She had a huge smile on her face. That was cool. That's why I run.

Thanks for your love. Come and cheer us on at our next race; support the NPCC, a place for growing, for Rachel and Janneke.


p.s. in the meantime....

So, what do you do with a cardboard box?
Why, make cars out of them, and jump on the trampoline.

Places to put your baby sister...