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Shortly after I posted our last post, celebrating the last seven days of normalcy here, my sister Jess sent word to my immediate family regarding her son Caleb. Caleb is four years old, a big brother to sisters Nella and Aleah, and he is also a loved cousin, nephew and grandson.

He loves to lead in worship at church -
here he is singing for us in the livingroom.

This little man is now at Mac, having undergone a bone marrow test and echocardiogram this afternoon in response to the real possibility of leukemia.

We are holding for a miracle - no leukemia, but the little man has endured two blood transfusions in the last 24 hours, and his blood count has not been good.

This all came to a head last night in the ER when Jess and Tim brought Caleb in, concerned about his lethargy and poor response to antibiotics for an infection.

Now they wait at Mac on the peds ward for some answers and a plan for the days ahead. It has been a surreal 24 hours for them.

A journey for them that they did not choose.

I post this tonight because we share some of the same community (and family!) and I have the link to their blog. You can support them in their journey by commenting on their posts, currently set up by my brother Dave.

Please lift this family up in prayer when you can. They are a super family, committed to the inner-city community in Hamilton and so incredibly giving with their neighbours, friends, and family. Jess and Tim have been a wonderful support to Ralph and I... and now we walk those Mac halls with them.