An update:

Rachel is doing well. She is still in the PCCU at McMaster. Last night was not easy for her, but she rested better today. She was able to have her MRI late this afternoon, and we are confident she will be extubated (breathing tube out) tomorrow. It depends on tonight. Ralph left a sleeping Rachel this evening, so we are hoping for a good night!

Janneke has been missing Rachel - we all miss her. But, Rachel's absence seemed to have prompted Janneke to an extreme measure, as in coming along to Mac today. Let me explain.

As I was packing to leave for the hospital this morning, Giovanna (caregiver) called me into the girls' room. Apparently, as Janneke was getting changed, her peg g-tube fell out. Peg G-tubes aren't supposed to fall out; they are secured in the stomach by a disc. But... the stomach acid can "eat" away at the disc, softening it so much that there is nothing to secure the tube into the stomach.

I stared at Janneke's torso, now with a small hole and no tube. Giovanna and I searched for some type of replacement piece to keep the hole open. A hole in the stomach can close up quickly, and I was not interested in another medical emergency.

I had to laugh. What else could I do?

This is what I find interesting: Five minutes later, Bernice (Ella's mom) walked in the door with a coffee for my ride to Mac. She happened to stop by. She and I had dealt with this same situation - but with Ella a couple of months ago. Now she could help me.

It was a MacGyver moment - a urine catheter, a locking clip from a portacath extension, an extension from an old feeding set, and a secure bandage. Voila - a makeshift feeding tube that would keep the hole open and allow us to hydrate Janneke until we got to Mac.

Ralph had to leave work, and we made the trip to Hamilton as a family. Emily and Sophia got to spend the day with Aunt Rhoda, working on the farm in Flamborough, Ralph went to the PCCU for Rachel, and I took Janneke to the clinic on the main floor to get a new g-tube.

As this day closes, I'd have to say we're doing alright. Janneke is feeling well; she is more settled now than she has been in a long time. Rachel is sleeping and under good care in the PCCU. Sophia and Emily had a great day collecting eggs, watering the plants, seeing the Highland cattle ("Their heads are the size of three chickens, Mom!"), and visiting Aunt Jess for supper.

Ralph and I look forward to normal concerns like mosquito bites and sunburns. In the meantime, I will return to see Rachel tomorrow, Ralph and the girls will be at the Rankin Run, and we remain optimistic that Rachel will return home soon.

Looking forward to an ordinary day....