I guess we've another hill to climb.

I took Rachel this morning to Mac for her MRI. During our conversation with the staff about sedating Rachel, they decided Rachel should be admitted following her procedure. The staff felt it best that Rachel be monitored in hospital as she recovered from general anesthetic. They encouraged me to go home and get things sorted out, so I could return and spend the night with Rachel in 3C - where Janneke was last month. Manageable.

I was able to figure out care for the three other girls, and cancel other plans, so I returned to Mac at noon.

That's when we started climbing a hill.

While I was gone, Rachel's sedation plan did not go well. She had bronchial spasms, and here is the short version: She is now in PCCU at Mac (kids' ICU), heavily medicated. It was tough to come into the room and watch people working on Rachel, trying to sedate her and help her. It was tough to accept that an ordinary procedure didn't go in an ordinary way. It was tough to know she was in distress, and I wasn't there. It was tough to come home without her (since parents don't sleep over in PCCU) and explain to her big sisters that Rachel might be in the hospital for a few days.

Rachel will miss the Rankin Run, but we are confident she will be back home soon. We would appreciate prayers for her, that the swelling will go down in her throat, that she will be able to breathe on her own sooner than later - and that we can be home again together as a family.