Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Thanks for the bibs - keep 'em coming!

And thanks for your support with our running this season. There's nothing formal with sponsoring our running. It is set up so that if you want, when you want, you can link with NPCC and donate according to our kms.

Tuesday, May 4 is Rachel's 4th birthday!

Things have changed since that ultrasound in March 2006. We had six weeks to adjust to the idea that our baby would come into this world facing many hurdles. So much was uncertain at that time. In some ways, things still are uncertain.

We are thankful for the joy Rachel brings our family - Rachel Joy. She is our ray of sunshine; her nickname is Ray-ray.

Happy 4th Birthday, Ray-ray. You are loved.

two days after birth...

a couple of weeks old...

end of June 2006 with her big sisters, and sick of the daisies...

welcoming little sister Janneke home from Mac!

and here we are today!