from Rachel

Hi, Rachel here. Thanks everyone for my birthday hugs and cards. I had a great birthday with my family. We went to the Welland Canal to see the geese and throw rocks in the water - my favourite place to be.

One of my gifts is this ball that has a motion sensor. All I have to do is move it and then the ball lights up and plays some great music. I have used my hand once, but I learned today that my head works even better! Check out the pictures.

And, Mom and Dad reminded me to share my big news: I will be going to school this fall at the Niagara Peninsula Children's Centre. It's a program called IPRP - basically its a preschool/daycare program with kids like me and other "normal" kids. Together we learn and play with the NPCC therapists. It's not the official school within the NPCC; it's another part of the building connected with the Glenridge Hill Daycare.

This program starts in September and is four mornings a week. On Mondays, I will be having class in the NPCC pool - how cool is that! Mom was grumbling about finding a bathing suit, though. I am excited to share this experience with my friend Ella (see her blog in our links); only eight kids are chosen from the Niagara area, and Ella and I are two of them!

Dad and Mom say this plan with the IPRP is a big answer to prayer. I know they were excited to receive the news.

Life is good this week. My big sisters worked hard for my birthday - making the presents, decorating the cake, and waking me out of my lovely sleep to sing to me. My little sister, Janneke is also having a good week. She likes to lay beside me and smile at me when Mom does our morning stretches.

Oh, I'm having a great time riding for the NPCC. I am so happy to go each time. I say the letter "g - gggggggggg" to tell Mom "go, go, go, go, go."

happy trails, everyone.