Tuesday update

Thanks again for your warm thoughts and prayers. We appreciate them.

Janneke was stable again today, and we met with neurology and endocrinology. This afternoon, Janneke had an EEG that showed normal brain activity. Receiving a "normal" result brings relief but also more questions. We still don't understand the cause of the seizures, and we can't be certain they won't happen again.

She is undergoing a few more tests, including more bloodwork, to see if there are any other clues.

As with much of the investigation with both Rachel and Janneke, we might not have any answers. Time for me to go back and read the patience and perspective post, I guess.

We are taking turns staying with her. Even though there are capable nurses on the ward, they can't remain bedside, and we are the most familiar with her care, particularly the tube-feedings. It becomes a team approach with us and the nursing staff - who are great!

We appreciate the emails, and our thumbs are sore from texting with the more media-savy folks. Above all, we covet your prayers for our family. Even if nothing medically conclusive comes from this experience, we can conclude that we are emotionally and physically tired.

God walks with us, for which we give thanks.