Saturday -update

This morning, Janneke had her portacath insertion. The surgery went well, and Ralph was able to be with her in Recovery. There was some trouble with accessing the port this afternoon, so they will wait until tomorrow to begin bloodwork on her.

Her body seems to be fighting something; the stomach still shows signs of infection, but her vital signs indicate that she is stable. She had a few smiles today too!

Tomorrow, we will know if her portacath insertion was successful, and we hope the infection clears up.

From that point, she will then start a routine of bloodwork, and we will attempt to start feeding her. Right now, she is still getting her fluids via IV.

Sometimes, being in the hospital for longer than you expected can make you forget about the rest of the world. You find yourself easily consumed with your worries and troubles. It seems that our life got complicated in the last few weeks, and looking ahead has become overwhelming again.

It is good for Ralph and I to take turns staying with Janneke, and we appreciate the little pick-me-ups like the homemade meals brought to the ward and to our house, the flowers, and the extra set of hands with childcare.