pray for Janneke-update

I'm adding to the earlier post. It's almost midnight, and I am home for a bit of sleep. Ralph is at the hospital with Janneke.

Please pray for rich rest - that the little sleep we get will help us through the next few days.

We are so thankful that my parents had planned to visit us today for an overnight visit - so timely considering our new Easter plans. So providential.

After a brief period of rest this afternoon, Janneke started with more seizures this evening. They weren't as long or as "intense" but still concerning. We are waiting for a bed to open at Mac (children's hospital). Yet, the care at St.Catharines General has been wonderful. Makes me want to find a money tree and finish building the new hospital - they really need the new facilities.

Earlier today, it was difficult to get the IV in, and with all the attempts (she's now on her fifth), we wonder about a portacath for her too. But, Janneke is currently in great hands with a familiar face, nurse D. She was so encouraging to Ralph and I when we arrived on the paediatric floor with Janneke this evening.

We cherish your prayers, for we are tired and not always able to pray. Pray for our older two - Em and Soph - as they are quite sad to have Janneke in the hospital. Lots of questions about God, heaven, and special needs.... Now I wish for those questions from earlier in the week about Jupiter and South Korea. Pray that Rachel will heal from her cold, and that she will not develop any complications.

Not sure how much makes sense, but I know you will continue to remember our family. Thanks.


posted earlier today:

Happy Easter.

This morning, we were thrilled to take the whole family to church -the sun was shining and the girls were well enough to travel.

Our joy was cut short when Janneke started a seizure in church. We are thankful that we were surrounded by wonderful people who could help us, and we had Janneke taken by ambulance to St. Catharines General. She continued to seize off and on for the next two hours.

She is still in the hospital and will remain there until we can take her home. They are giving different meds, and we hope to get the full picture of her prognosis soon.

I am writing this because many members of our congregation sensed something was up. Hopefully this blog answers a few questions and inspires all of you to pray for our little Janneke.

We're okay. Sad, but okay. We know all things are in His hands, but sometimes, the ups and downs are bit much. Thanks for your warm thoughts and prayers. We truly feel them.

Peace to you all.