Friday - update

Sara here. It's Ralph's shift at Mac. Today, Janneke was quiet - very quiet. So much that they ordered new x-rays and an ultrasound to see if there was anything internal that might explain her pain and now her lethargy.

Nothing alarming was revealed with the tests, and we hope that she is simply mending from a long week. There are some bowel issues, but that is being dealt with.

We are waiting for her pain to subside, for the infection to clear (bowel issues), and for the portacath insertion (surgery). Hopefully, this all happens sooner than later.

I wanted to include a few photos from awhile ago to cheer our little family up. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


Janneke with her new blanket -on her birthday.

Janneke and Opa Pot - sweet moments.

Janneke always loves to cross her feet - chillaxin'.

Janneke and her mom, aka SPot.

Typical moment at 7 A.M. at the Pot house.
Everyone in Rachel's bed, hanging out while the babes feed.