for these feet

Because these feet cannot run right now....

I will run for them.

The running season begins! This will be my third year of racing 5Ks with Rachel. I would like to present a challenge with our racing this year.

I am going to post only the kms that I cover with Rachel, and I challenge you to consider giving $1 per km for the Niagara Peninsula Children's Centre (the words are a link to the donation page). The first race we have planned is the Rankin Run which raises money for cancer treatment and support here in Niagara. So it will be a double run for us - for cancer treatment support and for the NPCC. Come run with us!

This Thursday, the local radio stations affiliated with Astral Media are hosting a radiothon for the NPCC. The support the NPCC receives from the community and abroad is instrumental in helping children receive the intervention and therapy they need. Both Rachel and Janneke are part of the NPCC family, and we are so thankful for that support!

The provincial government does give some money for children's treatment centres, but the dollar amount does not come close to covering all the costs involved. Consequently, you have too many kids on the wait list and their families feeling isolated and overwhelmed with their child's care.

In the years past, I have had a chance to speak on the radio during the radiothon. I will be on again this year at 5:25 PM on 610 AM cktb (this is also a link to the webpage). Our whole family will be at the Pen Centre from where the stations are broadcasting. You are welcome to join us at the Pen or listen in from your computer. And, hey, it'd be really cool if you could financially support the NPCC - even a little does so much!

And thanks for the feedback about the bibs. I look forward to your handiwork.