i spy a surgery : I

Rachel is scheduled for surgery tomorrow at noon. It is referred to as a portacath insertion; a routine procedure but not a routine kid. We appreciate your prayers for her.

We had the necessary pre-op discussions at Mac yesterday. We were scheduled for the afternoon which translates into a very long wait. Thankfully, Aunt Rhoda has a bird program that plays the tweets and whistles of familiar North American birds on her iPod... yes, that was quite exciting for Rachel!

Janneke continues to smile her half-smile, and, after a significant amount of stretching, she is quite proud of herself when she can sit. Emily is enjoying her new room - thanks Uncle Harvey and Mr. Jim - and Sophia has mastered the backwards bridge (gymnastic move). : )


p.s. Thanks for supper, Shannon.

Here are two photos of the girls enjoying Aunt Jean's present - an eye-spy quilt.