i spy a surgery: 2

We are now home from our day at Mac. Surgery went well, all things considered. It was delayed by two hours, but Rachel was a trooper. Considering that she had an empty stomach, she was quite cheerful. Thanks, Grandpa, for spending some time with us this morning. It was nice to have the company. (Rachel says he makes nice bird sounds too.)

While we were at Mac, Janneke apparently sat on her own for 9 minutes with the nurse today!

Now Rachel has the portacath, and we will be watching her incision closely this week as it heals. Hopefully all her drool won't infect the site. We are thankful for the nursing care we receive in the home on a regular basis. This makes coming home less stressful.

We realized that we are spending a fair bit of time at Mac over the last few years since staff walking through the hallways are familiar to us, and we can have candid conversations with them. As well as the familiarity in the hallways, the orderly who brought Rachel into the OR has been the same guy for all her surgeries. The particular surgeon we had today has also worked on Janneke.

I had a chance to chat with a dad who was sitting with his little son in recovery. We swapped stories of g-tubes, developmental delays, and the shared sense of blessing with our kids. It's as though we both feel normal when we can talk so easily about these things.

We are thankful for the prayers offered today. We ask for continued prayer as Rachel recovers. Her reaction to pain is often delayed, so we don't know what the night holds. We are grateful for the medicine and knowledge but more importantly, the peace God provides when we worry.


Janneke is quite proud!

Rachel in preop with Dad.

Rachel in recovery with Mom.

Home again with her eye spy quilt and new puppy from Ashley.