a time to pause

We cannot help but pause in the midst of our life here and think of Haiti. Since Tuesday's earthquake, there have been photos and stories overwhelming the news feeds and our minds. Our thoughts and prayers are with those in Haiti and those who have loved ones in Haiti (including the Van Geest family). It seems that there is much support being rallied with businesses, organizations, MTV, and Hollywood. One would hope that this support is not just short-term; that there will be a long-term effort to strengthen and empower the country and its people.

My uncle and aunt (Jerry and Mary) serve as the Canadian headquarters for an orphanage located in Haiti called Children of the Promise. The orphanage was not physically affected by the earthquake, but the possibility exists that their supplies will run out as the whole country stands in need of fresh water, food, and medicine. Their link is posted if you want to help.

(By the way, there are a lot of different places to donate money for Haiti. I happened to check the website for Christian Reformed World Relief Committee -our church- and noticed that with every dollar anyone gives through CRWRC until Feb 12, it will double in impact due to a generous contribution from the Canadian government. I posted the link alongside with the others.)

We'll post an update on our family when we learn more from our doctors; we had a couple of appointments this week, and we will learn more from those discussions in the next few weeks. Rachel definitely has a surgery for her portacath, but we don't know the details at this point.