Accept what you did not choose

Another year has begun. Happy New Year! It was good to see family and friends over the Christmas holidays. We were able to host our families’ Christmas gatherings, as well as entertain friends for New Years and holiday visits. We scheduled everything during hours we had nursing or respite care, so we could relax in our home and not worry about staying on top of the schedule for Rachel and Janneke. That also meant we didn’t take Janneke and Rachel out of the home - except to church on Christmas Day. So far, they continue to be reasonably healthy, for which we are thankful.

And now the year awaits. Only God knows what 2010 holds. Admittedly, we are apprehensive. The year 2009 held a few surprises for us, particularly the arrival of Janneke Grace (see our first post). We were told we were expecting a healthy baby girl who showed no signs of being similar to Rachel. And we were all surprised - no, shocked - when she was born. Another tube-fed daughter?


Since then, we have learned that we need more help in the home, we can’t take road trips very easily (road trips=anything over two hours), and much of what we planned for our family and for ourselves has been altered.

Yet, the year ahead holds much promise. Janneke might start bearing weight in her arms, Rachel might start school, Sophia might score seventeen goals in soccer, and Emily might master the cartwheel. But maybe not.

And that’s okay. We have to be confident in the mystery of the future (Proverbs 31 says to laugh at the days to come) because the future is in God’s hands. And He promises to walk alongside us always.

Doesn’t mean we aren’t ever nervous or anxious. That’s being honest. Pray for peace - of mind and heart.


A little 2009 review... we started the year with Rachel quite sick. We were very worried throughout January 2009, and we wondered if she would ever get better. She did. Then Janneke was born.

And who would have imagined in March that Janneke would sit with one of her namesake aunties and play Apples to Apples at Christmastime?

Emily and Sophia had a chance to skate on the outdoor rink at Niagara Falls in late December. They loved putting their skating lessons into practice. Such grace on ice.

And our two youngest monkeys again.... here we come, 2010.