hello again

Everyone needs a little therapy.... This is a pic of Rachel, her older sisters, and her cousins from Aunt Jess and Uncle Tim.

We are managing things here at the home front. We are waiting to hear the scheduling for Rachel's sleep study (a slumber party with Dad at Sick Kids!) and the hormone testing at Mac in Hamilton. In the meantime, we will take a day at Sick Kids next week to meet with genetics. Perhaps we will learn more to help our girls - or we will have more questions again. Not sure of what to expect.

We started reading with Em and Soph "Views from Our Shoes" a book on loan from Tammy who knows too well the journey of being a sibling to someone with special needs. (We decided we will write our own book, Thoughts from the Pots.) Views from Our Shoes includes short notes from kids, ages 4-18, who write about being a sib to someone with special needs. The writings are honest, funny, and sad. It has been good to read as a family.

Here's a couple of snapshots of Janneke and Rachel. They are beginning to interact a bit together. Rachel likes to put her hands on Janneke's legs, and Janneke crinkles her eyes (her smile) at Rachel.