another week

We are in the middle of an unusual week - several appointments in three different cities. So far, we've been to Hamilton for the pediatrician, TO for sleep assessment (do you call them sleep doctors?), and Kitchener for vision follow-up. We also had a phone conversation with genetics at Sick Kids, and we will be visiting them in TO at the end of the month. We are currently investigating the possibility of a growth-hormone deficiency in both girls. Tomorrow is another appointment at Mac in Hamilton. We are learning new things about both Rachel and Janneke, and we are blessed with patient doctors who took a lot of time to meet with us. Interestingly enough, the first thing our pediatrician asked about was me - How are you coping? he asked.

Good question. This past week, the dragon of overwhelmedness came and I couldn't find my sword to slay it. When your confidence and strength breaks down, when you feel as if you are suffocating, it's quite probable your body is saying ENOUGH. And so my body spoke. Ralph was able to take some time off work so he could help me out. Without going into the rest of the details, I'll simply say it's interesting how those lowest of the low moments are actually good for you, causing to review what is truly important. Frustrating how those same moments shake you to your core and make you feel vulnerable and even ashamed.

Yet, blessings continue to abound. Though we were managing with our own meals, the week that everything came undone, we received over twelve meals (for freezer too) from four lovely women. Carolyn came along to the appointments when Ralph could not. Neighbour Nancy has been furiously raking our leaves, for which we are grateful, and neighbour Mark was willing to stop by last night when we had some concerns about our van. We know that God continues to work through His people.

Rachel's stander arrived last week, and she is loving the upright position. I wheeled her to the piano for the first time in the stander, and her hands immediately extended out to play the keys. She absolutely loves being a "big kid". We are so thankful for her joy-filled disposition, giving everyone smiles as we go from appointment to appointment.

Janneke is improving health-wise, and she is opening her eyes wider now. I say that because her eyes are not big to begin with, and her actual smile has yet to come. Instead, I feel like she is communicating through her eyes, and in the last few days, she's been trying to "say" a lot.

We have started work on our therapy room. It already has a ball "pit" - a wading pool full of small balls that all four girls love. It is a crazy toy to put in your home, but it provides an unique sensory experience for Rachel and Janneke. (Thanks for the idea, Bernice.) Now Em and Soph have to quit the target practice on each other with the balls... : )

Thanks for your warm fuzzies and prayers. I think most of us to some degree would like to think we have "it" together, but truthfully, aren't there times when that is far from the truth? Perhaps the more we are honest with each other, the more we can also trust each other and encourage each other as we move along this journey of life.