advice on air purifiers?

Last weekend truly was the brief reprieve I described it to be in the last post. Since then, we spent the week and this weekend working through another virus or flu strain. By Thursday night, we took both Rachel and Janneke to the doctor and started an antiviral drug and an antibiotic. By Friday afternoon, it was clear that they were fighting a common virus as well as an infection -with teething and ear aches. Yes, we hope to vaccinate our family as soon as possible. As the recent Maclean's (magazine) article suggests, 1 in 3 will be fighting a flu (if not h1n1) this season!

Friday was a day to save some family sanity as well as avoid any more viruses from school. Both Sophia and Emily have been dealing with colds too, so they slept on and off that day. When the nurse came for the Friday shift, we could also get back some mom-daughter time that had been lost earlier in the week, with all the attention going to Rachel and Janneke.

We enjoyed a break from the home on Saturday (thanks to a VON nurse) with a birthday party for Emily. We hosted the party at school - for space and also health reasons. The girls were a lot of fun, and it was great to celebrate with Emily.

Sunday was a day to take care of our family as a whole. For this day of rest, we are thankful to Him. We do find it difficult to actually rest, yet we appreciate the space away from appointments and extra folks in the home. But, don't get me wrong, I am thankful we have a nurse coming again tomorrow! : )

Crazy girls: all those toys in the basement and they play with laundry baskets. How do an 8 yr old and a 6 yr old fit in that space?

While some of the family spent time outside in the leaves, Janneke watched from the window. Sophia came in to sing some songs so she wouldn't feel lonely. You'll notice the two containers on the feed pump; whenever the girls are not being fed formula, they are given a slow water drip (like an IV). This helps avoid dehydration.

Rachel felt well enough to be re-introduced to the season of fall today.

So, we're a bit tired of all this flu business, especially since it's only October. My daily schedule is now more than one page to help me keep track of who gets what med when. Yet, we were caught by the beauty of today with the sunshine and the brilliant fall colours and by the compassion and love our older two girls have for their younger sisters. God does give new strength for each day. The waning strength of today does not need to be stretched to cover tomorrow.

WAIT, I almost forgot... we need some advice (only advice): Can you recommend a good air purifier for our home? We are very serious about putting one in our home. What do you recommend? Do you know someone we could trust? We've already had the salesman with the scare tactic. No thanks. Please email us if you have any helpful advice or names to pass along: