on the mend

It's Tuesday night. Rachel is watching me post this entry... so I better watch what I write. By the way, I (Sara) tend to be the one who "blogs" now. Ralph will post from time to time.

After two weeks, our health is mending. Two weeks does not seem long, but when you are in the middle of it, and not sleeping much, two weeks seems very long. I am thankful that Janneke is finally sleeping better and breathing better. We were able to get some ventilin for her (puffer/inhaler), and that seemed to help her through the tougher moments. What is discouraging is the amount of saliva she now spits out instead of swallowing. When Rachel was this age, she too went through a couple of viruses that set her back from swallowing. We still hope to try some oral therapy with baby food. Rachel had some success with this at the same age, but with the number of illnesses that came in the winter months, much of those gains were lost.

Rachel was at Mac today to visit with her plastic surgeon. He is the guy who is monitoring the development of her hands. When you meet Rachel and Janneke, you will notice the unique shape of their hands. Their two middle fingers on both hands are permanently bent, forcing the hand into a permanent sign language sign of I love you - or a heavy metal music fan. Sometimes, this is corrected with surgical intervention or hand splints. We did try the hand splints with Rachel only to have her slip out of them. So, we've just been working on massage and then hand play.

She made the surgeon smile today with the way she is using her hands, playing with her fingers. She even laid her hand on a crayon and made it roll around on a picture, adding a shade of colour. That made my day. I think I will look into melting some old crayons in a muffin tin to make palm-sized crayons. This might be the start of a new art career for her.

Something noted: I find the curious looks of strangers difficult at times, yet I am reminded of how our pharamacy team knows us by face -prescription for Pot is hard to forget, and when I went into 2Q at Mac today, they said, "Hey, we haven't seen you in a while. How are things?"

Funny comment from the week: Sophia told us she couldn't run home from school because she had a crank in her side. I think she meant cramp.