more than green

It's been a week. A week of cancelled appointments, playdates, and weekend plans can only mean... Janneke and Rachel took a head start on the cold and flu virus season.

To catch up... Last weekend was another successful time away with the DeJonge/Fluit extended family. Fourteen adults and fourteen kids all together in the rain. A great memory was made with the older kids sitting around the campfire, listening to some of their aunts and uncles tell stories from their childhood. Both Emily and Sophia went to bed that night with smiles and a desire to hear more... about painting a couch with honey, falling out of a moving car, throwing up on the kid in front of you during a Christmas program. What Em and Soph don't realize is that the adults also cherish those times of sharing since we became a blended family after childhood. Sharing those early memories connects the family even more so.

But, back to this week. Monday night, both little girls were dealing with fevers and colds. This makes it difficult for them to swallow and then manage their feeds. To put it politely, they throw up. Rachel seemed to be dealing with a cold and ear ache at first, but she is in great spirits right now. Janneke is still fighting something - a virus? an infection? Not sure. She's been to see the doctor twice, and she is on antibiotics. I am thankful for the home suctioning machines, the nurses in the afternoons, and wonderful volunteer help for my mornings. Tomorrow I hope to be thankful for more sleep.

Tonight, we had a wonderful dessert prepared for us -and our Michigan friends who were planning to visit. (With both Janneke and Rachel being sick, and the week falling apart due to other reasons, the trip was postponed.) Joanne, the dessert was a real treat considering our disappointment with the cancelled plans. I'd say the dessert was a party in my mouth, but Sophia's words are even more complimentary - "Mom, my stomach is celebrating!" Luke, tell your family we'll see about getting another dessert made for your visit.

Lack of sleep is yuck. It makes me feel sorry for myself and feel overwhelmed with the simplest of tasks. I find myself fearing future illnesses and wondering how on earth we will take care of our girls - all four of them. Here's to more sleep and less coffee... and a brighter outlook for tomorrow.

Overheard: Sophia comforted Janneke during one of her spells - "Janneke, it's okay. I love you even more than the colour green."

Step of progress: Rachel kicked her legs in the bath this morning, splashing me. I thought I saw a smirk on her face. She's never kicked her legs in the bath before.