It's Friday night. The formula has been made, and I am about to give Janneke her last feed of the day. Rachel's sleeping through her feed... handy to sleep and eat at the same time. Em and Soph are storing up energy in their sleep for tomorrow's soccer tournament - each dreaming about the goals they are determined to score.

And then there's Ralph... He is back at school most days, preparing for the upcoming year. But, he has also been working hard in our basement, alongside the guys from Frory Construction (for a stellar cellar, call Frory). Our home improvements should result in more family space and a therapy room for Janneke and Rachel. Lawrence, I don't think Ralph took your advice on doning some protective costume before spraying.

Yesterday, I took Janneke into Mac to connect with the neurologist. Nothing earth-shattering was shared, and I waited for two hours to spend five minutes with a specialist. Sigh. Waiting rooms are an incredible test of character. There's a reality show for you. I am happy that there is nothing medically concerning with Janneke's brain at this time. They simply confirmed her developmental delay. Yup, nothing earth-shattering.

Next week, we hope to begin connecting with people who will volunteer some time in our home to help me in the mornings. For me, I am learning that I need to take care of myself so that I am a better mom, wife, person... and I need to put my kids in front of my guilt when it comes to accepting help and asking for assistance. : )