So, we are adjusting to life after a holiday. Mornings are nutty here, and the last couple of days reminded us that our kids, particularly Rachel do tire of all the coming and going as well as being outdoors so much. Rachel had it a bit rough the last few days, most likely due to dehydration. We have taken her swimming, but we forget that being outside, especially in the humidity, robs her of precious fluid.

Rachel dehydrates faster than the other three kids, and yet, because she doesn't ask for a drink, we forget to give her extra fluids. To be frank, this directly affects her bowels. And so we are reminded of her hurdles once again - not being able to stand or move around as well as not being able to tell us she is thirsty. She can light up a room with her smile, but she can break your heart with her cries. Sometimes I wonder if she is trying so hard to get our attention, and we are the ones slow to understand. We're still learning, Rachel!

On a different note, I think Janneke has figured out how to grin. I swear she was grinning at me after her late night feed - but I was too tired to make a party of it.