to Oma deWit

Another update? Well, not exactly. But, this morning, my Oma deWit (grandma) came to mind, and I felt the need to write. She is one tough cookie, currently living large in her nineties - okay, so she's actually small in stature. (Oma, I hope Aunt Jean or Aunt Marie can read this to you.) Oma is recovering from hip surgery right now. She happened to be walking through an doorway during a thunderstorm that caused the power to flicker - and the door to slam shut. The sudden shutting of the door caused Oma to fall and now she is recovering from hip surgery. What are the odds? Reminds me of a previous post....

I have two amazing grandmothers that survived WWII and immigration to Canada (more on Oma DeJonge later). Oma deWit was a young mom when the Germans invaded her town, and I will never forget the story of how she insisted everyone in her extended family eat a boiled egg before fleeing town. She covered her daughter, my aunt Alida, with blankets in a baby carriage and fled town on foot shortly after the meal. Talk about courage - and determination.

There's another story I will never forget from her either. Long ago, she gave birth to a baby boy with special needs. Uncle John currently lives in a Christian Horizons home, and though aged in body, he is very young in mind. Sometime after his birth, my aunt Alida asked her mom (Oma) if their family would ever be happy again. This question caused my oma to realize that living with joy is a conscious decision, one she (and the family) had to make. I am sure it wasn't always easy to choose joy as she cared for all her children, especially John. I took that lesson to heart, and we gave Rachel the middle name Joy.

Oma has buried her husband, one son-in-law, two grandsons and three children, including my own mom. How does she perservere? She always points to her faith in Christ. Her decision to boil eggs during an invasion gives glimpse of her stubbornness, a strong will that leans on God.

The picture in this post of her and Opa sits above our basement stairwell right now because that's where she posted it in her home. I only hope Ralph and I can enjoy many years of marriage as they did, and I hope we can also point to our faith in Christ, especially in the rougher moments.

I love you, Oma. You never cease to amaze me. We are choosing joy.