Looking Up

So, summer has started! We've had some hot days here in Niagara, but we are thankful it is no longer winter. The days have been filled with bike rides, park visits, and water play in the backyard. Last week, we were blessed with a visit from friends from Minnesota - Carla and her four kids, and this week, cousin Abigail came over.

Funny how kids say exactly what they are thinking. As adults, most of us have filters that prevent us from blurting our thoughts (most of us have these filters). I (Sara) am reminded of last week when Carla's kids crowded around Rachel's crib, asking questions about her. I love that - even when the questions are "How come she doesn't talk, walk, etc.?". Sometimes, it is easier to explain to kids what our two youngest are all about. Maybe it's because they are much more willing to accept the answers. Carla told me later that her kids said they thought Rachel would probably do all those things in heaven. Awesome.

Abigail said our house is a busy place. She's right. Lots of grown-ups coming and going, but it is a good thing. We are enjoying life because we are supported with the every day stuff. With help last week, we were able to take our MN friends touring around St. Catharines. With help this week, I was able to take Em, Soph, and Abigail on a bike hike, and we were also able to take Rachel with us to a splash pad. She loved the water - and loved watching all the community kids screaming and laughing. Sure, a few kids stared at her, but hey, it is a bit unusual to zip through the splash pad in a chair.

Janneke is growing and maturing. She's lost that newborn look, and she is starting to find people and toys with her eyes. Every so often, we see a smirk from her, but no full-out smile yet. She has several different cries, which is great. Janneke is like Rachel was - but with sound. Sometimes, really loud sound. There are several appointments coming up for her, but we are enjoying the short hiatus from Mac at this time.

I started running with Rachel this week. We've done 5K races in the past, so we are gearing up for more. For our first run, she was so alive and excited! In the years past, she would sit still and show enjoyment through her eyes... but this year, she was shrieking, laughing, and moving her legs and arms. She was so animated for our run that by the time we came home, I was wiped - and so was Rachel. Something else new for Rachel - she was able to look up and backwards in her stroller while I ran. She did this several times during our run as if to check for me. I would say, "Yup, Mum's still here" and she would laugh and look ahead again. Reminds me of how I often look for God - and He is more faithful to me than I ever will be to my child.

Postscript: Dates to remember: July 17- Shakespeare in the Vineyard; July 19- Janneke's baptism