Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Rachel turns 3! And Dad and Mom say, "Whew!" Thanks to God and our supportive community of family and friends, we can celebrate Rachel's special day. She is dealing with a cold right now, but she is still in good spirits. I have to admit, it seemed odd to put work into making a cake for our tube-fed daughter, but her big sisters expect that Rachel's birthday should be like anyone else's. (There was some talk about blending the cake and feeding it through the tube....)

We are still trying to find some routine here. Janneke has pulled on her g-tube a couple of times, causing anxiety for her parents and pain for herself, but so far, no extra trips to the hospital. Both Rachel and Janneke had a visit with their orthopedic doctor on Thursday. We learned quickly that at this time, taking both girls to Mac is a two person job! The doctor and her team at the fracture clinic gave the girls lots of love, and it was established that Rachel (and later on Janneke) be in a stander as often as possible.

A stander is a piece of "medical" equipment that allows the child to put weight on their feet while being safely secured. We think it looks a little funny; we have used a stander in the past on loan. Now the push is to acquire one for the Pot family -for keeps. We are not surprised about the push for Rachel to be in the stander, but it was disheartening to hear that Janneke should also be in one (when the time is appropriate). We both know that Janneke may have her own difficulties with weight-bearing and mobility, but we don't like to think too much about it right now. We still see time on our side.

Aside from weight-bearing issues, Rachel has made steps in developing some eye-hand coordination. She now follows a ball on her tray, and, given lots of time, will attempt to pick it up. Though some of her fingers cannot completely extend, she is able to use both hands together in her own way to touch the ball. This is a big deal! And, big sister Emily has been teaching Rachel how to play with dolls. It has been priceless to see the reaction on Rachel's face as Emily gently pushes her to touch the baby and feed the baby.

So, another year for Princess Rachel. And she is a princess - of the King of kings.

(May the 4th... makes me think of Yoda's words to Luke - Well...May the 4th be with you too.)