I spy...

...a new g-tube. Janneke is doing well. She is not on full formula yet, but she is managing Pedialyte through her g-tube. We look forward to seeing improvement tomorrow, and maybe we can start the conversation about going home. For Janneke to come home, we need her to manage her feeds through the tube. The other issues and concerns will be dealt with later as an out-patient or through home care.

Today, we visited Janneke with Emily and Sophia. They have to take turns seeing her (with one of us) since only two people are permitted bedside. We were struck with how comfortable our older girls are in the NICU. Each baby in the NICU is hooked up to monitors, and when there is a risk with breathing, oxygen levels, IV pump problems etc., alarms go off to alert the staff. We both noticed how our girls don't flinch or even seem to notice the alarms.

Instead they are looking around the NICU with interest, especially when they play the game I Spy with their dad. They eagerly search the room with their eyes, looking for something blue, yellow, or beautiful (when their dad is spying one of his daughters).

Maybe that's how we have to deal with this situation. Rather than focus on the alarms which sometimes falsely indicate a problem, we need to look around us. Rather than focus on the things that seem difficult or overwhelming, we need to search for color, laughter, and beauty.

That takes energy. And we are emotionally tired. But tomorrow is another day, and His mercies and strength are new every morning (Lamentations 3:19-23).