the g-tube

(This is a picture from ealier in the week when Janneke got to meet her Oma Pot).

Janneke now has a g-tube. We were prepared for the surgery to happen at some point this weekend, and she was wheeled in the OR at 4, Saturday afternoon. The ENT (ear, nose, throat) specialist examined the structure of her throat while she was sedated to form a baseline examination for further tests, and when ENT was finished, the surgeon quickly placed a g-tube in Janneke's stomach. Essentially, it is a small tube extending from her stomach. This tube, referred to as a PEG, will be in place for one year.

Lord willing, she will come out of sedation and intubation with little difficulty and pain. We pray that she will be able to handle formula on Sunday, fed for the first time through her new tube. When she has completely adjusted to being fed through the g-tube, we can prepare for the trip home!

We are overwhelmed with the idea of another tube-fed daughter, but we do have experience on our side this time. We have enjoyed Janneke these last few days; she has been more alert and content since we stopped the oral feeds.

We are reminded once again that God came to earth to save us from our brokenness, to extend His grace to us.
Happy Easter to all.