Today was a difficult day.

We are no longer attempting to bottle feed at this time. After observing a swallow study of Janneke today (x-ray of her swallowing ability), we learned that her airway is not protected when she has a bottle. She is taking formula into her stomach, but also into her lungs. She is able to suck and swallow - but not safely. What was particularly unsettling was that her ability to protect her airway with coughing was delayed, if at all present. She is a "silent aspirator".

She is scheduled for a g-tube (tube on/in stomach) within the next two weeks, and, in the meantime, ENT will also look at the structure of her throat, etc. As she grows, we will have the occupational therapist and ENT follow her development. Perhaps in the future, we can try bottle feeding again, but she needs to be stronger and able to protect her airway.

So, another g-tube in the family.

One day at a time...