Janneke has been home for a few days now. Our first move after Janneke's homecoming was to move her crib into Rachel's room. Rachel's room is the largest bedroom in the house and also has a small bathroom attached. As they will be sharing many of the same supplies we thought it best that they be roomies.

Rachel was a little cool to the idea at first, but she is coming around. We don't think that Rachel slept at all the first night, as Janneke's screams were a little unnerving. Now that we have ear plugs, Rachel seems to be getting all her beauty sleep.

It has been good to see Rachel's reactions regarding Janneke. There is clearly a unique response that Janneke is able to get out of Rachel when placed nearby. We're not sure if it is ecstatic joy, mortal fear, or pure jealous anger... but there's definitely a reaction. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?