cautiously optimistic

There have been some small improvements in Janneke's ability to take in formula via her mouth. At present she takes in most of her formula via a NG (nasogastric) tube. You can see it on one of the pictures below. She is fed every three hours. Before she feeds, if she is awake and alert enough, we or the nurses try to give her some formula by bottle. Some times she does quite well...other times she doesn't. We are cautiously optimistic that Janneke will figure it out, but we know that it will take time.

Early next week we will discuss with Janneke's attending physician and her occupational therapist regarding what the next steps will be. If things steadily improve we will likely set up a plan outlining when and how she could be brought home. If it does not go well, or if there seems to be other issues preventing her from learning to drink at this time, we will likely begin discussions regarding the insertion of a g-tube.

Thanks again for all of your prayers and encouragements. It is also good to hear from the Beacon students. It must have been indoor recess today.