Mac Kid #2

Last night at this time Janneke was transferred to the NICU ward of McMaster University Medical Centre in Hamilton. This was a welcome relief as they car trips to and from downtown Toronto were becoming more than a little tiresome. Janneke is quite stable right now and it seemed best for everyone involved to transfer her closer to home. McMaster is about half the distance and we rarely will have to deal with any daily traffic issues.

Sara and I met with a variety of people concerning Janneke today at McMaster. Her attending physician is the same doctor who was on duty when Rachel was born at McMaster nearly three years ago. In fact, Janneke is in the same room that Rachel called home for six weeks in 2006.

We have two hopes for Janneke's stay at McMaster. The first is that there will be success in orally feeding Janneke. This is our biggest concern at this point and only time will tell if this will be successful. The second is for all of the specialists who follow Rachel's care at McMaster to meet Janneke. We hope we can streamline any future visits to McMaster as much as possible.

Your continued prayers are felt and appreciated.