Janneke Grace

Greetings all. This blog has been created as a means to communicate with friends and family regarding our family. As many of you know, Janneke Grace was welcomed into the world on Saturday, March 14. Late Saturday night she was transferred to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto where she is being well taken care of in the NICU ward.

Janneke is being heavily monitored in the hospital and is undergoing numerous tests this week. She is getting some assistance with her breathing at this point. She is being fed with an NG tube that gives her formula through a tube that enters through her nose. She also had a PICC line inserted that will allow any future IV lines or blood tests to be administered without poking her repeatedly. Like her older sister, it has proven to be next to impossible for the experts to find a vein.

Yesterday she had ultrasounds on her heart, abdomen, and brain and all seems quite normal and in order from that perspective. We also met with a team of geneticists yesterday. Three weeks ago we began a second round of genetic testing with Rachel, our 2 1/2 year old daughter at Sick Kids. We have yet to come to any reasonable conclusion regarding Rachel's diagnosis, but now that Janneke is exhibiting some similar characteristics there is a whole new level of interest regarding possible genetic links. We do not expect any answers quickly, but we do hope someone can connect the dots for us in the future.

In the short term, we covet your prayers for little Janneke's health. We hope that she will soon be able to breathe and eat under her own strength. An ENT (Ears, Nose, Throat) specialist will evaluate her soon and we hope and pray that all will be well. We also covet your prayers for our whole family as we were quite shocked by the turn of events over the last few days. We had anticipated things to go quite well as there were absolutely no indications that there was anything out of the ordinary. Tears have flowed as we embark down a road that we know all too well from our experiences with Rachel.

As you pray please give thanks for the following as well:
*for the excellent care that Janneke receives.
*that Sara is recovering incredibly well from a rather difficult childbirth.
*that Rachel's VON nursing hours have been tripled so that we do not have to worry about Rachel's care as we spend considerable time away from her in Toronto.
*that Rachel is very healthy and well right now - She's actually quite energetic and entertaining.

Pray also for our two oldest girls, as they ask questions like "When is Janneke coming home?" and state things like "I hope Janneke doesn't have as many special needs as Rachel does." And pray for their parents who don't have a clue what to say in response.

We will update this blog periodically as things progress.