it's about grace

Janneke's name means grace of God. The idea of grace, whether you Believe or not, is about being embraced and loved in spite of or even because of our weaknesses. Here's a thought from Henri Nouwen worth sharing: It is indeed through our broken, vulnerable, mortal ways of being that the healing power of the eternal God becomes visible to us.

And His power has become visible to us once again through the little life of Janneke - and everyone sharing with us, supporting us. No one is perfectly formed or perfectly behaved, yet God's grace is extended to us and covers us with Love. And so, we in turn, share this gift of grace with each other, loving and helping each other (even when we don't deserve it).

Janneke continues to grow and thrive in the Mac NICU. She is cared for by great nurses, docs, and OTs (occupational therapists). Last night, her PICC line was removed. She no longer needs IV/bloodwork access at this time; we will discuss in the future the idea of a porthacath should she need it. (Big sister Rachel is scheduled to get one this year.) The main goal this week is to help her feed by bottle. This is going really slow, but we remain hopeful that she will learn. As for other challenges or concerns, only time will tell. Rachel's growth and development over the last three years was not predictable - neither is Janneke's future.

Thanks again for all your warm fuzzies and prayers.